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Reviews for Auburn Place Apartments

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Posted On: 12/7/2015

Easily worth the money, if you can afford it.

I've been living in the Abbot Pointe DTN Communities [First Abbot Pointe, then Auburn Place] since Summer, 2013. What initially attracted me to the community was its proximity to MSU [Close enough to walk, but far enough away from the fraternity houses disruptive students], and it's proximity to other cities by way of Saginaw Hwy. Abbot and Auburn are a three minute walk from the 26 CATA line, and are connected to each-other by a commonly used, but rarely talked about pathway that crosses a field. The Abbot location houses the leasing office and community amenities such as a year-round hot tub, club-house with gym, pool and study areas. Not only is this newly renovated (2015) building where people sign their leases, this is the area where the community thanksgiving dinner and occasional cook-outs are held. The apartment grounds are kept clean due to a dedicated team of maintenance workers that you will likely run into at least once a week. The interior of the apartment building common areas are rather plain, with noticeable chips of paint in some areas. In Auburn, my building is locked by a weighty, alarmingly quick-to-close door that usually smacks the back wheel of my bike on the way in, despite my best efforts. Let me be clear, though, that's my -biggest gripe- about these communities. The internet, taken from service provider Spartan Net, claims Gigibit symmetric speeds, but speed tests across my devices average around 300Mb Down, 600Mb Up. While that's not quite as advertised, it rarely throttles our normal use. Depending on what apartment you select, select areas in your space may be outfitted with new outlets, shelving, etc, all up to code. In our Auburn apartment, there's a classic buzz-to-enter system and Hg Thermostat, but a new AC unit. If you find an issue with your living space, the staff are always eager to help, and for what you pay, it's reassuring to know they're committed to keeping a smile on your face.
By: Nathan Pence     Verified Resident
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Nathan, we are so happy that you have decided to stay with us for another year! We value you as a resident!! Please let us know if there is anything else that we can help you out with! Have a great day!

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